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300 Hrs Yoga Training


Yoga Teacher Training Fee:

Accommodation Shared & Private
Style Ashtanga Vinyasa and Vinyasa Flow styles
Level Primary
Duration 28 Days


The 300-hour yoga teacher training course (TTC) is an advanced-level program designed for individuals who have already completed a 200-hour TTC. Building upon the foundational knowledge and skills acquired in the 200-hour course, the 300-hour program delves deeper into various aspects of yoga, including philosophy, asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, anatomy, and teaching methodologies. It offers a remarkable opportunity to refine teaching abilities, expand knowledge beyond the basics, and explore the spiritual and intellectual dimensions of yoga. Engaging in a 300-hour TTC not only enhances teaching proficiency but also facilitates personal growth and development. By immersing oneself in the profound teachings of yoga, students can deepen their understanding and connection with this ancient practice. Graduates from India Yoga TTC can confidently step into the role of renowned yoga teachers on a global scale, as the program adheres to the esteemed standards set by Yoga Alliance, ensuring credibility and recognition in the yoga community.

India Yoga TTC, situated in the vicinity of the sacred banks of the Ganges River in Rishikesh, offers a variety of yoga teacher training programs, including the 200-hour, 300-hour, and 500-hour courses. Surrounded by the majestic Himalayas, this school provides a tranquil and inspiring setting for both learning and practice. The mere fact that the Yoga Alliance, USA has accredited the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is a big benefit. The program is guaranteed to meet strict industry standards thanks to its recognition, which also guarantees that it offers students a high-quality education and training. Students can have complete faith in the calibre and legitimacy of the program by enrolling in a Yoga Alliance-recognized course like the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, opening the door to a fruitful and rewarding career as a yoga teacher.

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Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to yoga philosophy and the eight limbs of yoga
  • Study of ancient yogic texts such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • Exploration of the philosophical concepts and principles underlying yoga practice

  • Detailed study and practice of foundational yoga poses
  • Proper alignment techniques and modifications for different body types and abilities
  • Sequencing principles for creating safe and effective yoga classes

  • Various pranayama techniques to control and expand the breath
  • Introduction to different meditation practices, including mindfulness and visualization

  • Basic anatomy and physiology relevant to yoga practice
  • Understanding the skeletal, muscular, and respiratory systems in relation to asana practice
  • Common injuries and precautions in yoga practice

  • Study of yogic principles and ethical guidelines (yamas and niyamas)
  • Integrating yoga philosophy into daily life
  • Practising self-care and cultivating a balanced lifestyle

  • Principles of effective teaching, communication, and demonstration
  • Class management and creating a safe and inclusive environment
  • Hands-on adjustments and use of props
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The Curriculum

India Yoga TTC provides a carefully constructed curriculum that includes a wide range of yoga and chakra awareness techniques. The program goes deep into the investigation of the six main Satkarma processes which contribute to cleansing the body and awakening the chakras. Students embark on an in-depth journey to comprehend the complex interrelationships between yoga postures, meditation, pranayama, and body-cleansing methods, obtaining a thorough understanding of how they relate to and influence the chakras. A diverse range of meditation techniques is diligently studied, fostering a thorough understanding of yoga asanas, including precise alignment, adaptable variations, modifications, and nuanced refinements. The course material covers every aspect of pranayama exercises, including their profound interaction with the chakras, in great detail. Given its transforming potential, mantra chanting is actively included in yoga practice to enhance its many advantages. Students also engage in a thorough study of poses, learning their Sanskrit names and developing a profound appreciation for the historic yoga tradition. In the end, this well-rounded program equips students to become skilled yoga instructors, knowledgeable in yoga, chakra awakening, and spiritual development

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Course Eligibility and Qualifications

The 300-hour yoga teacher training course at India Yoga TTC is open to graduates of the 200-hour yoga TTC from around the world. Although prior completion of the 200-hour training course is considered to be an important prerequisite for enrolling in the advanced intermediate-level course, individuals with a training background in yoga and a deep desire to explore and expand their knowledge are also encouraged to join. Our course combines collaborative group work with active participant engagement, including group practice, discussions, and feedback sessions. Participants must have excellent communication skills, an openness to constructive criticism, and the ability to provide others with constructive feedback. Fluency in English is also a must, as all courses are conducted in English and require proficiency in reading, speaking, comprehending, and following English instructions. Dedication to regular yoga practice and a willingness to invest the required time and effort is crucial for successfully completing the program.

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Accommodation and Facilities Offered

Our ashram provides a beautiful and peaceful setting that is perfect for yoga practice because it is situated in a serene area of the incredible and verdant Himalayan mountains. You will find a variety of standard amenities in close proximity to the ashram, including stores, cafes, restaurants, ATMs, and organic food markets. This makes sure that throughout your visit, all of your everyday needs will be addressed with ease. Our accommodations are designed to give you maximum comfort and convenience. With all the modern conveniences, you can stay in touch with the outside world thanks to the free Wi-Fi, and you can feel at ease knowing that security is provided around the clock. Our ashram also has a library where you can learn more about yoga philosophy and practice and deepen your understanding of it.

You will be provided comfortable lodgings for your stay for the duration of the training. For an additional fee, we also provide private accommodations for those who require them. To maintain a clean and hygienic environment, our rooms are scrupulously kept and regularly cleaned. By providing clean blankets, bedsheets, pillows, towels, and other basic essentials, we work to make sure that your stay is comfortable and healthy. Additionally, we provide all the materials you require for your yoga practice, including quality yoga mats as well as other props. You are more than free to bring your own mats and bedding, though, if you wish to do so. Our ashram also offers cleaning and laundry services to ease the load of everyday responsibilities while you are here.

We emphasize the relevance of mindful food choices because we understand how important appropriate nourishment is to living a yogic lifestyle. At India Yoga TTC, we believe yoga involves all facets of life whether it is physical, psychological or spiritual. In accordance with the conventional wisdom of Ayurveda, we provide vegetarian “Sattvic” meals. Sattvic food is renowned for its ease of digestion, ability to foster inner peace, and ability to promote calm and rational thoughts. These healthy meals not only enhance your spiritual power and compassion but also boost your physical health. We cater to unique dietary needs and offer organic, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. By accommodating a variety of dietary requirements, we make certain that every student can enjoy meals that fit their lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Question

Yoga teacher training is a thorough course of study that provides students with the knowledge and training necessary to succeed as qualified yoga instructors. It has benefits including improving one's personal practice, learning more about yoga philosophy and techniques, learning how to teach, encouraging personal growth and self-discovery, and becoming a part of an open-minded community of like-minded people.

Although it is not necessary to have any specific qualifications to join a yoga school, it can be beneficial because the classes can become physically challenging. You can take part fully in the exercises without feeling overly worn out or uncomfortable if you have prior experience. Yoga is a continuous practice, so keep in mind that you will constantly learn and advance as you practice. When pursuing a profession as a yoga teacher, age is not a barrier.

Students are typically eligible to join our 300-hour program if they have successfully completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training course, although it is not a must. Our broad curriculum covers advanced topics, including in-depth studies of anatomy and physiology, pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation techniques, the rich history and philosophy of yoga, as well as advanced yoga postures and modifications. We also put a lot of focus on teaching the structure and order of a yoga class.

You will receive a certification once you have successfully completed the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training course. With this certification, you have proof that you have successfully completed the course and that you have the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to teach yoga. The certificate allows you to become a part of the Yoga Alliance, the alliance of yoga teachers worldwide.

As you will be actively moving and stretching during the yoga session, it is advised to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. We will make sure you have everything you need, including food, hotel, yoga mats, and reading material, so you can relax and enjoy the experience. You are, however, free to bring your own bedding and yoga equipment if that fits you better.

Our courses at India Yoga TTC cover a wide range of yoga practices, including Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga. These workshops include a variety of postures, including standing poses, balancing poses, Sun Salutations, warm-up poses, and more. Participants will also have the chance to practice Ashtanga Yoga, which comprises the standing and sitting sequence, Sun Salutations A and B, as well as the entire Ashtanga Primary Series.


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