We recognise that our business activities can impact communities and are mindful of our duty to uphold responsible practices. Central to our business decisions is the creation of a better, more sustainable future and concerted efforts are carried out to conserve, restore and replace the natural resources expended in our daily operations.,play poker for money

Underscoring the importance placed on climate governance, online roulette free bonus is a member of the Climate Governance Malaysia. Climate Governance Malaysia is the Malaysian chapter of the World Economic Forum (WEF) climate governance initiative, the second country chapter in the world to be launched and the first in Asia. The Company is also a member of The Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD) Malaysia, local chapter of the World BCSD, which is a CEO-led organisation providing business leadership for sustainable development. ,blackjack against computer

online poker for money ,We know environmental transparency is vital for a sustainable future. In 2020, we disclosed our climate change and water security impacts through CDP ,a global non-profit that runs the world’s leading environmental disclosure platform. Over 9,600 companies with over 50% of global market capitalization disclosed environmental data through CDP in 2020.

poker websites real money,We are in the process of integrating the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) framework in our climate risk management and reporting. This involves incorporating additional climate change-related risks into the Company's Risk Management Framework, besides risks identified earlier such as flood risk and water risk. The TCFD Framework is used as a reference in our climate disclosure for the Sustainability Statement in our Integrated Annual Report. We continue to improve our climate strategy and risk management as well as provide in-depth and transparent reporting, with the aim of fully integrating the Framework.

pokerstars free play,In line with SDG 13: Climate Action and recognizing the effect of climate change as an impactful risk to the business, community and environment, we measure our CO2 emissions and target to reduce GHG emission intensity by 23% to 0.024 tonnes CO₂-eq/1,000 pcs gloves by FY2024 (base year: FY2019). We are committed to minimize our carbon footprint through the following initiatives:

Initiative Our Commitment

Environmental Policy & Environmental Management System
  • Guided by the Group’s Environmental Policy (Click HERE for the online roulette free bonus Environmental Policy) we are committed to diminish adverse impact to the environment and the community by reducing the environmental footprint in our operations including distribution and logistics, business facilities and supply chain.
  • We strive to manufacture our products with energy and water efficiency and minimal carbon footprint.
  • We strive to assure our business partners, including suppliers in environmental stewardship commitment in their operations.
  • We carry out due diligence on our business partners as well as mergers and acquisitions’ activities to ensure ethical sourcing and responsible business ethics
  • As at April 2021, we have 11 factories certified with Environmental Management System (EMS), which accounts to 30% of our factories globally.
  • The EMS is audited, certified, verified through international standards ISO14001 by SIRIM QAS and IQNe (an independent third party auditor).
  • To ensure continuous improvement, online roulette free bonus invests in environmental education to ensure the competency of internal auditors and the effectiveness of internal audits at all factories.
  • The public or stakeholders may raise any environmental related concerns, feedback or enquiries through this link.

Water Management
Water is essential to the glove production process and we are particularly concerned about conserving this important resource. To ensure an uninterrupted supply of water, we:
  • Adopt 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) System
  • Installed On-Site Detention (OSD) tanks and rain harvesting tanks with a combined capacity of 2,500M3 at factories
  • Invested in the Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant (ROTP) to treat wastewater discharge from surrounding factories to produce clean water and channel back into factories for reuse in production

Fuel & Energy Management
  • 6 factories are powered by biomass, a renewable source of energy
  • Heat exchangers are employed to recover heat from hot waste water and hot air emission, thereby reducing heat energy consumption
  • More advanced energy efficient systems are implemented at new factories
  • We are gradually replacing all old air conditioners and refrigerators with 5-Star Energy Rated machines to enhance energy efficiency
  • Retrofit fluorescent lamps are being substituted with LED lamps, while inverters for energy saving and newer energy-efficient pumps are also being installed

Raw Materials
  • We are mindful of our material consumption in view of increasing scarcity of resources and to ensure cost efficiency. Some of our key commitment are producing lighter weight gloves which consume lesser material as well as upcycling our scrap.

  • As transportation is a major contributor to climate change, all 17 Klang factories are strategically located within 500 meters of each other, substantially minimising fuel consumption and enabling more efficient inter-factory transportation
  • Video-conferencing facilities are also available for all multi-location meetings thereby reducing the need to commute for staff located outstation

Waste Management
  • All solid waste is segregated into scrap metal, paper, plastic, wood pallets, containers and other recyclables for recycling and reuse with minimum solid wastes disposed to landfills
  • Schedule waste management is in compliance with the authorities’ regulations.
Distribution of solid waste generated and disposed over the past 4 years.
FY 2017
(metric tonnes)
FY 2018
(metric tonnes)
FY 2019
(metric tonnes)
FY 2020
(metric tonnes)
Total waste generated 13,060 18,268 19,033 25,625
Total waste used/ recycled/ sold 7,640 9,092 7,856 13,003

Facilities Investment & Improvement
  • We continuously invest in our facilities and operation to improve product quality, efficiency and operational-eco-efficiency. Some of the key facilities investment and improvement initiatives include Solar Power System, Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant, automation initiatives and Flood Mitigation Project.
  • Our corporate office, online roulette free bonus Tower is a Grade A and Green Building Index (GBI) certified Gold office building, featuring high performance glazing, an efficient chiller plant system design and LED lights for optimum energy and water efficiency

Product Innovation
  • We are committed to innovate and develop products which are environmentally friendly. Our first green product was the Biogreen biodegradable nitrile gloves which able to biodegrades at least 10 times faster compared to conventional nitrile examination gloves.

Rubber waste recycling
  • We convert torn nitrile gloves into other rubber products such as in house former gaskets

Data Monitoring
  • Our GHG emission data: We track and monitor our GHG emission data on all glove factories as it’s our core operations

  • We communicate with our employees on environmental issues via internal newsletter. Besides, we also communicate with our active suppliers on our environmental commitment via email.

9 April 2021
Lion Club Relax Garden at SAMH

TGF donated PPEs for this project and also participated in the planting of plants at the mini nursery at SAMH.

27 March 2021
CSR Project at SACF

The Documentation Department had a CSR Project to pick-up rubbish along the trail at SACF.

19 Febuary 2021
Donation to Tapak Semaian MPK

Donation of plants to Tapak Semaian MPK. TGF and volunteers helped with the unloading of plants.

29 August 2020
Beach combing, Kelanang 2.0

Second visit to Pulau Kelanang. Staff from HQ and F18 together with Trash Hero Banting conducted similar activities as the previous visit.

22 August 2020
TGF Bicycle Dismantling Project

online roulette free bonus staff worked together to dismantle bicycles into recyclable parts. The bicycle were obtained from New Male Hostel.

22 August 2020
Beach combing, Morib 2.0

Second visit to Pulau Morib. Staff from HQ and F18 together with Trash Hero Banting conducted similar activities as the previous visit.

22 August 2020
Save the Forest, Save Us 9.0

Painting the new benches and picking up the rubbish along both trails and at Peak Garden.

15 August 2020
TG Recycling Day 1.0

online roulette free bonus Foundation’s very first UDR(Upcycling, downcycling, recycling) project. Staff from TGT, F2, F9, M2/M9, F22, F25, TGI, F3/F35, F14, F30 and F13/F13P worked tirelessly together to collect a total of 1, 782 kg of recyclable waste.

15 August 2020
Beach combing, Kelanang 1.0

First visit to Pulau Kelanang. Staff from HQ and F18 worked together with Trash Hero Banting to pick up rubbish along the beach and also to segregate recyclable and non-recyclable waste.

15 August 2020
Save the Forest, Save Us 8.0

Putting up 3 new benches at Peak Garden and painting them for the community.

8 August 2020
Save the Forest, Save Us 7.0

Repairing benches in Peak Garden and painting them for the community to use.

8 August 2020
Beach combing, Morib 1.0

First visit to Pulau Morib. Staff from HQ and F18 worked together with Trash Hero Banting to pick up rubbish along the beach and also to segregate recyclable and non-recyclable waste.

25 July 2020
Save the Forest, Save Us 6.0

Picking up rubbish at foot of the hill and also along Trail A and B.

11 July 2020
Save the Forest, Save Us 5.0

Putting up new signages in Trail B leading to Peak Garden and picking up rubbish along Trail B.

4 July 2020
Save the Forest, Save Us 4.0

Putting up new signages in Trail A leading to Peak Garden and picking up rubbish along Trail A.

22 February 2020
Save the Forest, Save Us 3.0

Third hike up SACF. Staff worked together to build benches for the public.

4 January 2020
Save the Forest, Save Us 2.0

This was the second expedition of online roulette free bonus staff hiking up SACF. This time around we place additional trail signage along the way, cleaning-up of the hiking trail, repair and rebuild the shelter that was damaged due to horrendous weather.

23 November 2019
Save the Forest, Save Us 1.0

TGF is playing a proactive role to preserve Setia Alam Community Forest (SACF) by organizing groups to hike and clean the trail tracks of this forest besides placing proper trail signage for the convenience of new Hikers.

12 October 2019
Save the Earth Innovation Competition

TGF became the main sponsors for "Save The Earth Innovation Competition”organizaed by Majlis Perwakilan Penduduk 21 (MPP21) and Women @ Work. This event allowed young minds to be creative in their innovations and inventions by using only waste materials.

27 June 2019
Kempen Kebersihan Setia Alam

online roulette free bonus donated CPE gloves to MBSA Zon 21 in support of Kempen Kebersihan Setia Alam with a goal to educate Food Handlers and Restaurant Owners on benefits of wearing gloves.